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By using JADE NET provided by I LINE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “this site”), you are indicating your acknowledgement and acceptance of Terms and Conditions of use herein and other policies made by our company.


  1. When you enter the website, you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and therefore you agree to be a user of services.
  2. You are not permitted to use the website if you are under 18 year of age or if you reside in an area which does not permit you to browse the website.
  3. Member registration (account) is available up to 1 account per a user.
  4. You shall be responsible for managing the confidentiality of your own data such as nickname, registered email address, password for the account published by the website.
  5. You are not permitted to transmit the account information to third party relating to the above.
  6. We assume no responsibility for any events occurred in the case of sharing or renting the account by more than one person.


  1. This site reserves the right to change or modify the services in its sole discretion in any time without notification and you are agreeing to be bound by any and all modifications and changes that have been made.
  2. The premise of the change and modification shall be valid when the agreement of change and modification is applied to the website.


  1. Usage fees of services, the prices of individual content, and the calculation mechanism are set up by us or content providers.
  2. We have all the rights to change the contents, the prices of services in our sole discretion, and we make notification to a user in advance by any method that we decide as appropriate.
  3. A user is assumed to make payment for using services by credit card, points, and other payment methods that we specify in the website.
  4. The user fees, charges and other membership fees paid by a user to us are not refundable for any reason.


  1. Credit card, cash, Sagawa delivery
  2. In regard to returning the products by members, we accept unused, unpacked products within 3 working days of the purchase.
    I the event that the goods are broken or misplaced we make replacement for them free.
    After making contact with us, please send back the product by cash on delivery.
    As soon as the product is arrived, we will re-send a new one.
  3. (If it takes more than a week for arrival, we do not accept even defective.)


  1. Based on billing form and method of providing services, we have three kinds of system; namely points, monthly payment, and purchase by cash.
  2. With regard to points, you purchase points we set up and you purchase the contents we provide by the point you just get.
  3. For monthly payment, you have access to a variety of contents we provide for 30 days on the bases of prices we set up. Only for the account paid by credit card, continuous payment is applied every after 30 days.
  4. We have direct payment which you can purchase the contents we provide (the price we set up in advance) by cash on delivery/or cash registered mail.


In the case that you choose payment by credit card, you shall assume to accept following provision.

  1. You understand that you choose to pay the usage fees and other liability by credit card of your own name that is specified by us or clearing house.
  2. In the case that there is dispute between a user and credit card company, the user shall assume to handle and fix the problem on his/her own and we are not responsible for this.


  1. To stop automatic debiting, you shall follow on your own the cancellation procedure we set up within the next period of payment. We assume no responsibility whatsoever if the payment is proceeded without cancellation.


  1. A user shall prepare all usage environment including equipments for receiving services and internet connection.
  2. We assume no responsibility for whatsoever if services are not provided due to a defect of devices that you prepare for internet environment.


  1. We store and maintain your personal information in appropriate manner based on applicable data protection laws and regulations.


  1. You understand, acknowledge that you only have the rights that are described in the term and condition and the rights that are not described here belong to us. This site does not warrant concerning the access of any linked site outside of its website. Use of any such linked web site is at the user's own risk.
  2. You understand that the website contains adult contents in each data, document, software, movie, voice, picture and image.
  3. The website is intended to be used by the age of more than 18, and you make your own decision to receive the adult service.
  4. We do not warrant regarding harmful program; namely authenticity, accuracy, practicality, reliability and legality and therefore invading rights of third person.


A user assumes not to take any actions specified below.

  1. Taking or attempting to take any action that violates laws or encourages violating laws.
  2. Taking or attempting to take any action that maliciously imposes an unreasonable or excessively large load on the website’s infrastructure.
  3. Taking or attempting to take any action that illegally invades into other data of computer system or network connected from the website.
  4. Taking or attempting to take any action that infringes copyright, neighbouring rights, portrait rights, honour, privacy, etc.., and any action that is conductive to the infringement.
  5. Taking or attempting to take any action that infringes the rights of third party.
  6. Taking or attempting to take any action that might bring excessive discomfort to third party.
  7. Taking or attempting to take spoofing action by borrowing third name or company name.
  8. Taking or attempting to take any action that goes against public order, morality, and common sense.
  9. Taking or attempting to take any action that associates with criminal such as scam.
  10. Taking or attempting to take any action that we judge as inappropriate in addition to the above section.


A user understand, acknowledge that any kind of materials that are available through browsing and using the website (including text, image, picture, voice, movie and program) shall not be reprinted, copied or abused in any way that infringes or is conductive to infringe intellectual property rights.


If damage occurs to our company or third party, a user shall cope with responsibility and budget of his own for compensation.


If you have violated these terms and conditions, we have all the rights to terminate the user's account and cease providing you with all or part of the services at any time without notification in advance.

  1. We might also suspend your accounts in the case that you damage this site by illegal action.
  2. We do not assume any responsibility for explaining the reason to a user who had the account deactivated by this agreement.


  1. When you would like to retreat from membership, you shall follow the method of cancellation for the retreat.
  2. If you make withdrawal procedure, points and the contents after purchase will be revoked.


If any of following cases occurs, we might stop a part or the whole of the services for maintenance without notification to a user in advance.

  1. In the case of protection, construction of the facility of the website if unavoidable.
  2. In the case of unavoidable failure that occurs to the facility of the website.
  3. In the case that telecommunications services is stopped and disabled due to Type 1 telecommunications carriers or due to other telecommunications operators.
  4. In any other cases that this site is deemed necessary to suspend services for operational or technical reason.


In regard to using the website, for any damage or loss caused by a user who have access to this site, we do not assume responsibility and obligation whatsoever for damage compensation. A user agrees to be bound by thereby and to act accordingly.


  1. Any claim relating to the terms and conditions shall be governed by Japanese law.
  2. If there is need for litigation related to this agreement, The Tokyo District Court shall be the first Instance for exclusive jurisdiction court.

19 END

This site based on its unfettered discretion, in any reason, by notification beforehand, reserves all the rights to end this site.

(Supplementary provision)

Established and executed on April 1, 2015

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